Steph and Todd

Steph and Todd

The Hunting Lodge  |  Coralee Stone


I adored Steph and Todd’s florals!!!  Their wedding was the last week in October, one of the best weeks for florals of the entire year so it’s a pretty special time.  We wanted quite a modern look but still something timeless so we went for masses of whites and greens in a loose but modern design.  I thought it might be nice to warm the palette so I added lush clusters of dusky latte tones roses and some goldie brown hues into the foliages.  It worked perfectly against the golds of the bridesmaid dresses and perfectly in The Hunting Lodge with its open white space and wooden accents in the tables and chairs.   

It was a particularly rainy day so we had to adapt our ceremony plan, I decided to fill the ceremony space, so it was quite floral, making the space intimate, detracting from the weather.  We had foliages down the isle bringing the eye in, we then created a semi circle, from the ground up, utilising the beautiful fireplace behind to surround Steph and Todd in blooms.  It was such a stunning set up.  For the reception we wanted to carry the modern theme and feeling of warmth through.  We had one stunning suspended feature above the bridal table, lush with blooms.  On the guest tables, wild foliages and masses of candles in clear glass and brass for a warm and modern look.  All the florals from the ceremony were bought inside after the reception and placed in front of the bridal table which added another layer of luxury to the reception. xx

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