Laura and James

Laura and James

The Vitrine  |  Chasewild


Laura and James were such a fun couple to work with. We also got to work along side the amazing Amanda Norwood design which is always a pleasure. Laura and James were so lovely and relaxed and they pretty much left Amanda and I to it.  Leaving us to create the prefect setting that reflected them as a couple.  With Amanda on styling we got to really concentrate on the florals, the floral brief was to use loads of colour and to just go for it.  We choose super bright and textural blooms with loads of December flowering foliages.  We chose to suspend a few floral features as well as hanging brass planters with potted plants to fill the space and create a really magical setting.  We worked florals and foliages up the walls to give the empty warehouse a edgy softness.  Our aim was to make the florals looks as though they were meant to be there even though they were a stark contrast to rawness of the space.  As you can see it turned out pretty spectacular! xx

Laura and James’s wedding was featured in print in Together Journal and well as on

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