For as long as I can remember flowers have featured in my life. My mum is an amazing gardener and I grew up surrounded by lush, beautiful, wild gardens full of foxgloves, opium poppies, masses of roses – a crazy, beautiful, rambling, controlled chaos. I guess you could say that has heavily impacted my aesthetic now. I try best to mimic this natural form in a modern way in all our designs.


Although very considered, our flowers have an effortless elegance to them, loose beautiful flowers artfully balanced with soft textures and wild greenery.

Straight out of school, I stumbled into the nearest flower shop and started working part-time while studying English literature and art history at Auckland Uni. From that day I have pretty much worked with flowers, ever since that little flower shop. It is a passion and job that has taken me all around the world to work with some of the best international florists. In 2008, I settled back in Auckland and started Leaf and Honey.


The inspiration for Leaf and Honey comes from nature, design, fashion and culture and we work hard to create a beautiful, modern, timeless and effortless elegance in all our designs. We specialise in weddings and events – the initial design stage, styling, concept and installation and I now have an amazing team that work alongside me.


From bouquets to large-scale installations, we see our job as working with our lovely couples and clients to come up with designs that reflect and refine their story… impart a mood and atmosphere on their day or event through the beauty of florals and the finer styling details.


Our work has been extensively published and we have featured in numerous publications including Martha Stewart, Cosmopolitan bride, The Lane, Together journal, Green Wedding Shoes, Junebug weddings, Magnolia Rouge Magazine, NZ Weddings Magazine and many more.